Friday, August 17, 2007

Eight more random things about me

Colleen tagged me on eight random things about me.

I thought that's all there is to know about me. So many tags have been pointing to know the blogger a little more, and if you have been following my tags, am sure most of you already know me pretty well.

But if you don't, no sweat, I tell more :P

1. I was a sloppy gal. I treated my mum like a maid. Bad hor? Other than paying an aide to wash and iron the clothes, mop the floor and clean the bathrooms, Mum had to cook for us, made the beds, did everything around the house, gardening, etc. And the only thing I did was to just wash my car. She always nagged at me, and I would say, 'Why make the bed? I have to sleep on it again tonight. Haiyah!' And she would tell me, 'Then those clothes you wore, you'll wear it again, right? No need to wash lor.' -___-

Now that I am a housekeeper myself, so to speak, I understand the importance of tidiness, and can't stand my hubby's some messy ways, haha.

2. Once I start eating, I can't stop. So imagine having an elastic stomach like myself, after giving birth and the muscles in the stomach area stretched to the brim, whenever I am too full, my tummy will give way. Hahhaha. Inherited the wrong genes of Elastigirl.

3. I nearly drowned. I was just a little girl when the waves tried to drag me out to the ocean on one of our Penang trip. Initially they were laughing at me when I screamed, but my brother-in-law realized that I was trying to grip on drifting sand that follows the water. Then I was saved. When my mother brought me to a fortune teller, she was told not to let me go near the ocean or pools until I was 12. Did she listen? Nope. Because...

4. I took part in swimming competitions and got a few medals, plus

5. I have a badge and cert for life-saving course. During training on one session, instead of trying to save the 'victim', I nearly 'drowned' trying to save her. Muaahahahaaa.... The whole team had a good laugh and I was their topic for a while.

6. I got pinched on my stomach by one Ustaza for not knowing my Jawi. That was in primary school. By the way, do kids still have to learn Jawi now?

7. Three other girls and myself formed a group in secondary school. I won't say the name here, but you know lar, back then, it was cool to be part of a group ;P Lucky no serious trouble though.

8. I am actually very shy and nice. And stop sniggering. Some people think my nose faces the sky, which is bad, as I may choke on rainwater *tsk tsk tsk*, but once they know me, they will find that I am not a snob. Heck, I don't even look like it. Eh, to be a snob, have to have the looks one. Really! I don't qualify lor.

Now I tag:

Khai Khee - back from holiday, must do homework.
Baby Fiona - have I tagged you before?
Bokjae would love to know more interesting facts of you


babyfiona said...

-_____-" you tagged me until I lat fu! I think few tags of your I also have'nt do yet ...

bokjae said...

Yeah! thanks for the tagg! Will do it sometime next week, please? Rather busy now and have another tagg to do! See ya!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Interesting facts there about you. Hey, i also have a cert in life-saving... but i think if you ask me to save someone from drowning now, i'll most likely drown that person instead.... havent practised for ages and skills rusty already LOL!

L'abeille said...

8 where got enuf? hehe..

You've been tagged!

J@n!ce said...

Good to see a lady swimmer. Congrates on ur award :)

You are a true heroine, nearly drowned to save a gal... *Bravo*

Sweetpea said...

babyfiona - if u didn't do where got foo lat? arr, tadak bagi muka :P do one can? :P

bokjae - no probs. whenever u are free :)

HFM - same same here lor. badge also donno go where liao

L'abeille - adoi! *slap head* wokay, will do it, but not in 20 minutes definitely! haha

janice - haha, training session only. never saved anyone yet in real life :)

Colleen said...

You nearly drowned but yet can win swimming competitions and be a life saver? Hats off you man... :-)

Sweetpea said...

colleen - nearly drowned didn't mean i was afraid of water mar... in fact i wasn't even remotely afraid of the ocean on our next trip. hmmm..... mum must have fed me the heart of the lion :P

Kok said...

Wow, you really understand your mum well eh?;)

Sweetpea said...

kok - like mother, like daugther mar! :)

Simple American said...

I almost drowned when I was a kid too. Capsized a canoe to trick another boy. Stupid me was wearing hiking boots. Oops!

Ustaza? Jawi? Translation please. :)

Sweetpea said...

SA - ooooo.... so now u know :)

ustaza is a muslim teacher who teaches jawi and excerpts from the quran for muslim children. but being in a public school, everyone is required to learn the basic jawi, those curvy writings in the quran, although not the quran.