Saturday, August 18, 2007

Heartfelt thanks to all

Thank you to all that made kind comments in my post on GIL.

We visited him today and he looked fine. He was sitting on a chair, so was everyone else, doing nothing. I could hear a TV blasting from one room, with programs from Hong Kong. It is possible to pay for individual Cable TV as everyone has their own rooms. Another lady was lying down on a long couch, presumably napping, and grinding her teeth.

The carer told my FIL that DIL was looking good these couple of days, and he ate more yesterday. He didn't talk much, but was smiling at Aidan. And Aidan just kept staring at him saying 'Hello Tai Yeh' (Great Grandpa). He is at the moment on two antibiotics.

All is well at the moment, but FIL was afraid this may be something what we Chinese believe is a sign. I won't go on from here. I pray for everything to be okay.

On the other hand, I was surprised to learn that students who are looking for part time job are hired by individual families to look after their dependant in the aged care facility. Something like a private aid, just to help the person walk around, read, hand them their fruits, watnots. They do not have take care of the person's personal hygiene as this is the centre's job.

Interesting. I wonder how much they are paid per hour. Some stay overnight too. During my visit there I saw one young Asian girl. Must be good money, as I think they are paid cash.

But no matter how much, it is definitely not for me.


Simple American said...

I could not do that either. Always feel uncomfortable in those retirement homes. Silly hor?

Wish GIL well!

Sweetpea said...

SA - not silly at all. geriatric is simply not our department that's all. not everyone can enter a certain profession. like doctors; i can't be one. i get weak at the sight of pics posted by dr. bernard chan!

Simple American said...

Dr. Chan got my tummy rolling before too.