Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello, I am Ezzy

Kev asked if I do receive any reports on Ezzy, my sponsored child in Tanzania.

Co-incidentally, I received this in the mail yesterday. Yes, I do get a report from them at least once a year. It is the Chipanga Area Development Program and Annual Progress Report 2007.

Sorry if you have to squint, it's the best I can do with the re-sizing. Click on the pic for a larger size viewing.

She has grown. Of course she has. What am I talking about? Duh! Hahhaaa... She's out there living life a little better than the others that still need sponsoring badly. Her family also benefited from clean water and other basic amenities.

See this pic? This is my reward.


G @ said...

u've done a noble act :) excellent!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Hmm.. very good that they acutally have a report from the child herself. But how about the organisation, as in donation report etc... So many fake donating organisation out there - have to be sure your money goes to the child, and not only 10% of it goes to the child.

Ever thought of visiting her?

Sweetpea said...

g - thanks, but it's really nothing to shout about. it's more about wanting to do it rather than anything else :)

kev - if there's any organisation i can trust, it has to be world vision. tim costello is a well known poverty crusader, with the likes of bono. i do get their newsletter and stuff on development, but i hardly read it.

YES! if i have that kind of money, i will most definitely love to visit!