Friday, August 31, 2007

Why am I up so early?

When I slept only at 2am?

I woke up to Aidan giving me his empty bottle. Obviously Dada has prepared the milk for him. And for Dada to prepare the milk, it has to be early. Coz he has already gone to work. Took a look at my clock, dang. 7.40am.

Tried to sleep, but the little rascal was playing peek-a-boo with his bear and puppy on my bed.


You tell me. How to sleep?

Then he kacau me. He tried to 'eat' my nose repeatedly. No need to say, my nose got all wet, thank you very much. Then he asked for Hoopla, his tiny hippo soft toy. It went MIA since last night. I promised him I'll search for it today.

Why oh why oh why.........



Sasha said...

i understand how u feell....mine poke my nose la...ask me to play chak chak and ask me to watch barney with him at 4 am in the morning...i think he listen to gwen stefani too much ...4 am! *sob*

Sweetpea said...

4am!??!! wat is he doing up at 4am?! shoo him back to sleep! hahahhaa! u make me feel so lucky!

LiL'deviL said...

I totally understand how you feel because that is what I experience EVERY morning! I don't get my nose bitten though, I get mine pinched. I try very hard not to notice him and just sleep but he kept doing the things that I just HAVE to take him away from. *sigh*