Friday, August 10, 2007

Honk Honk!

My car has the normal horn. More like a Beep Beep.

Wilkin's car has the air horn. So it's louder when it comes to hooting other motorists out of our way. I don't hear a lot of motorists using their horns on the street, but when someone do, others will follow suit as it to retaliate. The third parties may find it funny, but the two involved will usually give each other the deadly stares.

Sometimes Wilkin is caught in situations where he really needs to put the other motorist where he belongs, so to speak. Now a train horn will be perfect in this case. It blasts! Scare the wits out of the other driver, even louder when used at the basement carpark, when he or she tries to cut into the parking spot we are waiting for.

Just like its name, the train horn sounds like it, loud as can be. It can also serve as a good warning horn, especially on the highways. Imagine a 'Beep beep' like mine. Who do you think can hear me?

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