Thursday, August 09, 2007

Irritating Chinese Boy

Eversince we started swimming classes on Wednesday for Term 3, everything is going fine.

Aidan's class is small. The pool isn't as busy, which is what I like. Although the wave pool doesn't make waves on Wednesdays, because it's not a favourite of the toddlers and oldies, I don't mind. It is always practically empty, and Aidan loves to paddle at the deep end with his Tweety Bird shoulder floats.

But before going there, the classes are held in another smaller pool. Four lines are made up for four different classes, using only half the pool. When the classes are finished, we will usually hang around at the other half, which is free to dip in. There is one particularly damn irritating Chinese boy, about 5, who likes to jumps into the pool, spread eagle style, and splashes the water everywhere, on purpose. His mum will be sitting by the poolside. I never saw her swim.

For the past few weeks, although I brought Aidan to another end, this boy somehow tried to get closer to us, and started jumping into the pool, ninja style, ultraman style, superman style, you name it lah. Whenever I can, I try not to get my head too wet, coz I like to wash my hair at home and didn't want to leave the chlorine in too long.

Today, while everything for peaceful for a moment, he striked again. I didn't notice him behind me, and the next minute my hair was soaked. I immediately shot him a dirty look, which he didn't seem to care. It is not the first time anyway, and I know his mum was watching. Dang woman. Teach your son.

I know. No big deal, right? It is a swimming pool after all, we are bound to get wet from head to toe. Yes, but even you will find it very annoying to have someone jumping into the pool every twenty seconds, splashing everyone in it. Surely I wasn't the only one who felt this way.

I wonder why the woman allows her son to be ill-mannered and boisterous. If he misbehaves, take him out from the pool, no words necessary. In time to come, he will know what not to do. If he wants to splash around, go to the kiddy pool, splash all he wants. Dang it.

Boring post, I know. But every week when it happened to me, blogitivis struck again. I kept telling myself, I have to blog this. I have to blog this.

You wait, Chinese boy. I'll get a powerful water gun and spray you far far.


Simple American said...

Dunk the little bas... fellow. Go drip over his mum and say teach your boy some consideration. I actually had a nephew like that. Hated to see that boy come my way. Until I figured him out. But basically he just needed some attention. And I don't mean a slap on the bum. He wanted to talk and such. Now he is all grown up. Really good man, actually policeman.

Mike said...

I know what you mean. When that happens to us, I don't think I"m fearful of the splash. I'm more fearful that my 4-year old and 2-year old would follow the splasher.


Anonymous said...

wah ! tough chick ! a powDerful water gun and spray far far ! hahahaha ! kelakar lah u !

Sandee : 1 chinese boy : 0

IMMomsDaughter said...

You could try reverse psychology and jump spread eagle into the pool too. Lol.

Jonny said...

haha, get him! show him who's the boss.

mott said... a dramamama la...

see what happens. MUA HAHAHAHAHAHA! I also HATE getting my hair wet, if I'm just accompanying my kids in a pool.

Sweetpea said...

SA - mind your languag, you big kid :P yeah, i guess he really needed attention, becoz all his mum did was just sit and watch without interest.

mike - bad habits are so easy to follow, isn't it?

jo - wa cakap only mar. i don't think we can bring the watergun into the complex. but i can hide at the carpark :P

immoms - aiks! then all mums will be wagging their fingers at me!

jonny - i will! one fine day i will leh. test my patience only.

mott - dowan to be dramamama, coz so few ppl there on wednesdays, then everyone remembers me, paiseh only :P

the chlorine here is terrible. we use anti-chlorine shampoo and i wash aidan head to toe, yet later at home i can still smell the chlorine on his hands.