Saturday, August 18, 2007

L'abeille is very cheeky. She said eight random things about me is not enough, and now tags me with a whopping 32 sentences that starts with an I.

  1. I was one year old

  2. I was two years old

  3. I was three years old and got a new niece to play with

  4. I got another nephew to play with

  5. I started kinder

  6. I was still in kinder, and got bullied by a girl and refused to go to school

  7. I started primary school, 2nd last class, but was top 3

  8. I was still the top 3

  9. I was promoted to first class, but was number 5 and 8. Got a heck of a rotan session

  10. I tried my best, but wasn't doing well, and ate nasi rotan

  11. I sat close to the TV on purpose just because I wanted a pair of glasses, it worked

  12. I ate more nasi rotan

  13. I had my first P. Didn't know what it was, and called for Mum. And she said Choi! Mm sai joong jii lor! (Darn! I can't strike lottery!)

  14. I had my first crush on Boy George

  15. I had my second crush on George Michael

  16. I had my first puppy love

  17. I passed my SPM and was placed to an all girls school for Form 6. I quit Form 6

  18. I had my first job as a hotel receptionist

  19. I was up to no good

  20. I was still up to no good

  21. I had a job as a pharmacy assistant

  22. I had a job at reception again, different hotel of course

  23. I was partying

  24. I guess I can say I had all the fun in my early twenties

  25. I think I joined another hotel as a sales exec now, and had fun signing free food and booze

  26. I think I joined Roche then, can't remember lar, and started living a little more lavishly

  27. I thought wedding bells were near, but my then boyfriend decided game meat is tastier than poultry, until I found out and gave him the flick

  28. I was the president for Lou Goo Por club (Spinsters' Club), being the oldest among us, until one by one got married, except for one.

  29. I had an internet love affair

  30. I met my internet love affair guy

  31. I got married to him

  32. I had a great year in Hong Kong

Hahhaa.... I was continuing to 35 until I realized, eh, only 32 right?!

I spare the tag this round.


allthingspurple said...

ha ha ha. but not spared from being tagged !!!

Tag ! You are it !

dont know who be interested in our moms, but a tag is a tag

Sweetpea said...

nyeh nyeh nyeh.. i done this one liao :P

Sasha said...

not as cheeky as labeille..

only things only

Sweetpea said...

sasha - your tag in the queue :P

Simple American said...

Don't stop now!

Sweetpea said...

SA - 32 only!! next time u start a tag till 50 hahhaa

Simple American said...

*wags finger @ sweetpea*