Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New age way of finding a date

Work was a little slack two nights ago and we got to chat for a while. Rare moment!

We talked about our kids and partners, and I was very surprised to know that one of my colleague actually met her partner through a phone dating service. She registered herself with MMS Girls dating service. Call me old, but this is something really new to me.

What she did was that she sent a pretty picture of herself to be registered. Guys will just have to text GIRLS to this number at 19922200, and they will be receiving MMS profiles with pictures of girls. Hmmm, great news for guys for such a brilliant way to be able to browse through the profiles and then ask for the number of the girls they wish to contact, which will be sent by SMS.

Anyway, that was how my colleague get hooked up with her partner now. A great guy too. She and he said it was money well spent. There was a little cost to each MMS or SMS sent, but to gain such a great relationship now, it was worth it.

A friend of mine is a shy guy. I might just set him up for this. Discreet and fun, he may go for it.

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The Malaysian Life said...

Thats not particularly a new way...just adopted for MMS. But not sure if the trend would catch up...:)

Sweetpea said...

not sure about elsewhere, but am sure they are not short of users here in aust. kinda hazardous too, as some guys do not realize the costs until they are hit with the bill.