Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sweet sweet intoxication

I am intoxicated, by this angel of music. Sounds like I am talking like an alcohol rehab woman :P

*Pic taken from program

No, I am not in an alcohol treatment centre but a broadway play. Spectacular. Brilliant. Magnificent. The cast, the orchestra, the lighting, the special effects. It was AWESOME! PHENOMENAL! I can't think of any better words to describe the entire play. Well worth every 150 minutes of it. Ask me to go again. Anytime. But I need sponsors :)

This is Anthony Warlow, after health crisis with lymphoma, he is back, as great as ever. With hair, bald, deformed or not, I am in love with this phantom.

A recent interview with him and it shows the Princess Theatre, where I was last night.

A separate performance by him.

Audiences of broadway plays seem so different today. The good side I can see is that there are parents encouraging their young chidren, as young as around 10 years old to enjoy plays as such. Growing to be fine people instead of some drunkards needing alcohol rehabilitation. But that was about what I noticed.

I was peeved at audiences arriving late. The play was supposed to start at 7pm. The seats were only about full at 5 minutes pass. And there were still some arriving after the play started for 5 minutes. Not only they do not respect the show, but they caused much inconvenience for other audiences as they have to squeeze through the narrow walkway.

Most of us were smartly dressed. I did notice, however, a certain few who were too casual about the whole thing. Jumpers and jeans, for goodness sake! I must be getting old. What happened to social manners and respecting appropriate events?

But once everything was settled, the play held me captivated every minute.

Sigh......*contented* Being as 'drunk' in his voice as I am, I might as well drink. But really, if you are wondering why I keep going on about alcohol it's because I have seen people behaving in the most outrageous ways and destroying their own lives and the lives of others.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Ahh..i also love POTO. Can watch it again and again :D Hey, when i caught it in London, majority of the audience are tourists and everyone was dressed casually included ;D

Sweetpea said...

Oopps, sorry if i hit that nerve :P but i guess i have different opinion to that :) which phantom was on then? was it michael crawford?

mott said...

I can't believe how casual ppl are about time n attire! Normally I'd dress up nicely and be on TIME!

Sweetpea said...

mott - that should be the way, or at least that's what we think. makes me so annoyed of people disrupting the play and audience shuffling pass us to their seats.

eastcoastlife said...

Phantom of the Opera is my favourite. :)

I do dress up for such an evening even though I dun like it. It's courtesy.

Sweetpea said...

ECL - wat do u mean u don't like to dress up?! you've got so much pretty clothes!

Simple American said...

They let the late comers sit? Over here you cannot sit once the show starts.

Glad you had a good phantom. I so love this musical. I have the music on my iPod so I can listen. I like Masquerade too. It is such a grand tune.

Sweetpea said...

SA - i am still so in love :) AW and Michael Crawford are the best two. have you watched the dvd? they are inexperienced ones but still, never failed to make me shed a few tears :)

i love the magical moment when christine entered the mirror and the masquerade! grandest of the grands, haha, if there is such sentence. the costumes were great, everything was colourful and shiny and amazing!

i wanna go again!!