Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oi oi juee..

Am going to listen to Elly, take a break (after a post, haha!) and hop on to bed early tonight.

It's early alright, at 1.30am.

Can't help it, work was hectic today, gotta wind down. Customers came in non-stop and another colleague had to leave early as she wasn't feeling well. One down and left another one and myself to hold the fort, with the pharmacist alone at the dispensary. I don't blame you for being surprised at the traffic in the pharmacy.

Most stores close at 9pm, and that's when we get really busy. Cold and flu medications are selling like lollies, plus the throat lozenges. Of course, we have parents coming in for the unexpected head lice treatments or the de-worming tablets. Am so NOT looking forwards to both of these topics, quite unavoidable in school.

Cheh! I should be sleeping... I'd better go.

Sleep tight, hope I won't smell any farts in the night.....


laundryamah said...

brrrr..i really must get my flu vaccine shot before I come!!!

Simple American said...

Don't eat beans and you'll be fine.

So much lice and worms there? But that is the fun of small children. Hope this skips passed your Aidan

Sweetpea said...

amah - check with your doc if u can do it now, since u'll be here next week! coz sometimes it takes some time to get 'into the system'? just pop vit.c everyday :)

SA - haha, not me. Hubby! he likes doing it under the doona! yucks i know! the lice and the worms? well, it's part of school life :P but so far so good.