Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Personal Flushable Toilet Wipes Review

Yup. Non paid personal review.

Will Smith once said something like no matter how many times you wipe your a** with just toilet paper, it is never clean. Therefore he uses a lot of wet wipes at home. He reckons they do a better job. And I agree.

There are not many flushable wet wipes in the market in Australia. Maybe there is, but I only know of three. First, there was Sorbent, fragrance free. Bought it, used it, liked it. The only problem was that by the end of the 40 wipes, somewhere between the 35th and the last sheet, they are practically dry.

The wipes cost about $4.00 per pack, making it 10 cents each time you wipe your a** with it. And why on earth are we using wet wipes, you may ask. Well, Wilkin doesn't. I occasionally use them, depending on the type of poo, haha. You really need it if you've done a gooey poo, the wet cheeks poo or the mexican food poo. Hiissss......... hot and fury.

In most homes, the toilet is separated from the bathroom, and unless you have a new home where you can fix a hand held bidet or a hose next to the toilet, to add in one costs quite a chunk of money. Of course, this is not a problem in Malaysia, eh?

What the heck. Here's a pic of my toilet. You feel confined. I mean, I feel confined. Nothing much to ponder on within this clautrophobic cubicle.

Back to our subject, the second brand of flushable wipes I bought was The Wiggles. Since Aidan is the one who's using it the most, it should be more fun, right? It is cheaper too, compared to Sorbent. About the same price or less for 60 wipes. It has got a mild fragrance to it, and it wasn't as thick. Still, for the price, I can't complain.

Then I had one of the three types of poo mentioned, and reached for the wipes. La di da... ho hum hum... done my business. Few minutes later, I felt a strange sensation in my a**. Something felt strange. It was getting kinda warm there, then it was like a sting-y kind of warm. Gosh! It was burning my a**! It may have contained some kind of ethanol, or maybe the fragrance had some kind in it. I said may, coz I don't have a pack with me right now and I can't be sure.

To think I had been using that on Aidan for so long! Wiggles! You disappoint me!

Third and last, I bought Kleenex Flushable Wipes. Same price as Sorbent, and by far the best I've used. Moist till the last piece. Fragrance free too. And it claimes to contain aloe vera leaf juice. A little pamper for the rear.

Kleenex, am sticking by you.


stay-at-home mum said...

The wiggles wipes, guess the stinging sensation is to make you....wiggle your butt! ROFL!

Sweetpea said...

SAHM - hahhaha! you got me there. true also hor? you are so farny!

Zara's Mama said...

Wiggles don't wipe a** well! Haha...

Luckily you tried it.. Poor Aidan must have been tolerating the sting.

Sweetpea said...

zara's mama - probably he doesn't notice it much. he moves too much to realize it, heh.