Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Right Path

Everyday I pray for good health for my family.

Processed food, diseases and lure of harmful and addictive substances are so much part of the world today, and it scares me very much. The younger generation of today are more daring and brave but all in the wrong way. Challenging the authorities for a lucrative income and lavish lifestyle, some grow and cultivate these very addictive drugs right in their backyards.

It is a known fact that free drugs and soft drinks are all lined up at train stations for students to 'try it out'. After a week of free rides, that's it. They are own their own. These students are then forced to sell, steal or rob for their addictions. These drugs leads to destruction of lives, and even deaths. And honestly, I am very afraid for my son when he reaches the age. Which parent wouldn't be? We can send them to the most reputable school, but even then, the crème de la crème will have some bad eggs.

Fortunately, when there is Yang, there is always Yin. is a drug rehab referral service that runs free of charge to aid anyone who needs help in finding long or short-term drug rehabilitation programs everyday of the year. A very informative site with online drug rehab assessment and assist in understanding addictions for drugs and alcohol, understanding recovery, intervention and relapse. Drug and aftercare information is also available.

If you know of someone who needs help, or simply want to learn more, this is a very useful site. Often individuals who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are afraid of what the addiction will do to them, and at the same time, do not know how to reach out for help. Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate. Young or old, rich or poor, all categories are affected. But for every problem, there is a solution. 1800-Nodrugs have compassionate and knowledgeable drug rehab placement staff who can help.

Everyone deserves to live a better life.

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