Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday - Pampering Day

One of Aidan's program has declared a week off from classes, hence the lazy day yesterday.

But they had flyers out last week, asking parents to attend today's Pampering Day. They even babysit for parents who have kids with them. For me, the timing was just nice. I sent Aidan off to kindy and was the first to reach the centre.

I wasn't expecting much. They did say there will be hand massage, just to wind down and relax with a cuppa and a magazine, but when I stepped into the room which we attend every week, it was as if I was in Bali!

There were flowers and scented candles everywhere, with big sofas and cushion throws, dim lights. Four foot spas, two tables for hand massages, one room for head and neck massage and one more for massage cupping. Phooiyoh! Sadly, I didn't get to do any of the massages because yours truly here was too busy chatting with another mummy :P But I did get a foot spa and hand massage though. Now my nails are so shiny and nice :) Would probably stay that way for..... another 10 hours I hope. The girls who did the hand massage are from Body Shop.

And the end of the two hours pampering session, each of us was given this!

All gifts and services today were sponsored. Some I won't use, like the Sunsilk leave-in conditioner, Lynx and soap for hubby, cookie for Aidan, but I get to enjoy a cuppa of peppermint tea.

Wow! I told them instead of doing this every once a year, they should be doing it every month!


NomadicMom said...

FREE??? How come so good, ah??

The New Parent said...

Hi Sweetpea--OK, that sounds pretty nice (smile). Every month would sure be something to look forward to!

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

Nice to be pampered eh? Wilkin didn't go?

Etcetera~Mommy said...

So your shiny nails managed to last more than 10 hours? :P

Sweetpea said...

nomadic mom - the services are volunteered and the gifts, snacks and coffee (frm gloria jeans) are sponsored. good de neh? :)

TNP - but of course! more of these and i won't have napisan hands!

WH - work day mar. although it's for all parents, but lucky no men turned up, as i feel it was more for the ladies :) also, then we won't feel comfy taking off our top clothes for the cupping massage :P

etcetera~mommy - still got a little shine to it, haha! at least it lasted for 24 hours :P