Friday, August 24, 2007

Online Tutor from TutorVista

There was no such thing as online tutoring when I was in high school.

I remembered having cups of coffee burning the midnight oil, revising all text books alone. And if I had any questions, I would have to wait till the next day to ask my teachers or classmates about it.

The world has changed so much now, and much easier getting a tutor anywhere and anytime you want it. Homework help is just a click away. Math and Algebra were never my strong subjects. Anything to do with pie charts and scientific numbers, goodness, I would have major brain constipation.

Tutoring that is available 24x7 is not impossible to find. TutorVista offers online tutoring, every minute of the day, whichever time that suits its student. All subjects are available for K-12, school and college tutoring, test prep, college tutoring homework help and supplementary education. As a leading online tutoring company, you are assured to have tutors that possess graduate degrees who underwent months of training and passed certification process before they become a certified TutorVista tutor.

Tutor that can assist me at 3.30 in the morning. Now that is something I wished I had when I was still studying. Kids nowadays are so lucky. For only $99.99 a month their parents are paying for ALL subjects listed in the site. Better still, first month is only $24.99!

If I had TutorVista back then, I would have been sitting in a big office of my own right now.

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