Friday, August 24, 2007

Tap Dogs

While I am still raving on and on about my angel of music, I might as well put in as a personal diary of what I have watched in 2005.

I requested it to be my birthday present. Come to think of it, I would very much like such a birthday present every year, and pretty sure Wilkin will be pleased about it as he will not have to dig his brain. By the way, POTO was my birthday present for this year.

Here are the Tap Dogs. Great tap dancing with a hunky twist (the guys I mean) and energy-charging rhythm. Enjoy..


L'abeille said... it! I wonder when are they visiting Malaysia..

Simple American said...

No birthday present for 2006? :P

I don't know if I would enjoy tap dancing men? Imagine my missus would.

Sweetpea said...

l'abeille - i doubt they will be there, as with any other big plays. i have never seen big plays in malaysia b4 :(

SA - of course there was, but not a ticket to the play :P haha, i imagine you wouldn't. perhaps pussycat dolls may be more your style :)