Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sucker for Direct Sales

I came home to some Avon catalogues greeting me at my front door.

I have bought a few things from this Avon dealer, and she makes it a point to leave me with new catalogues with every campaign that is out. I still buy from her once in a while, some skincare, some nonsense. Am a not so proud new member of Neways. Oh, don't get me wrong. I think their products are alright, but I meant I got sucked again.

I joined as a consumer, not a dealer, purely because I pity this mum with a kid who drove all the way from Point Cook to my place to see me. Well, am sure she's pretty well off, but trying to get some side income apart from being SAHM, you know, just like us bloggers. I bought some products, one such herbs and veggie powder still sitting in my pantry cupboard, seal intact. It has all the goodness from spirulina, alfalfa, chlorella to siberian ginseng root powder, grapeseed powder to cayenne pepper. And why am I not taking it? The four letter word...


Yup. I try to be healthy too. Ask me what I've got. Multivitamins, Berocca, Redoxon C, lecithin, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, biotin, chromium picolinate, Silicea (colloidal silica), goji juice, Imedeen. There used to be Fat Burners too. So how do I take them all? Great question. Their sitting in the cupboard, still. I try alternating them, and take the EPO and Silicea daily. Hang on, gotta go take a dose now.

So yeah. I was a member of Doubleday Bookclub too. And the Himalayan Goji Juice. Until I realized I can get free books from the library and cheap ones from op shops, and that the Goji Juice is the same price at the health food store. So why should I be forced to pay for four bottles monthly and have to give away a few bottles, acting like I am so 'food lou'? (generous)

I blame my mother. She would walk pass the cosmetic counters, get sucked by those sales girls sugar-coating their words and mum will bag hundreds of ringgit worth of skincare, which were unopened still, half a year later.

I guess everyone has a weakness for something. A friend of mine has a penchant for shoes. She has lotsa shoes. If only my shoe size were hers, I would have gotten lotsa 'new' shoes from her. Yeah you lar. You know I am talking about you :P

Tell me. What do you suck at?


mott said...

ADOI! Mine is Tupperware.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

is your friend the 'kaya' one who loves to shop ;D me also like shoes A LOT!!

PEARLY said...

hi me love shoe too I am so lucky my best friend work for clerk shoe , so I normaly get 33% discount from her even when I pick up those shoe already on sale hahaha.

I get suck with kids , I suck with been a free baby sitting for all my friend and my whole home every day full of kids drive my derek NUT I mean NUT ahhahaha

sometime I get to the point got to say sori I am going out , and I am not to stop them drop their kids to me or els derek will be very mad hahaha. that is easy to say yes than say NO

Sweetpea said...

mott - haha, and i thot they last forever!

WH - kaya meh? hmmm.. maybe she's not telling me the truth, always cry poor :P

pearly - yes, i am something like u. i hope u r not being taken advantage of though. sounds like those friends of yours are getting a free babysitter i presume?

i mean, it's great to help out, but don't let them cross the line.

Simple American said...

Me? I am a sucker for a game. Hard to walk buy a game and not look, want, buy, get yelled at by missus, and play. :P

Am really hopeless.

Sweetpea said...

SA - haha.. looks like mrs. SA actually has another big kid to yell at!

info said...

hi gorgeous sweetpea
i love reading about your days
i think you are the best mum
so keep on writing.
luv ya heaps

Sweetpea said...

hi saz, nice of you to drop by. we shud catch up one day and fill in the goss! take care~

Simple American said...

Mrs. SA has no adults to relate to. kekeke