Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You've Gotha be Dating at GothScene.

If you like anything pitch black, ruby bloody red and deadly white, welcome to the goth world.

Think death, think Sisters of Mercy, Evanescense, think Morticia Addams. If you love to dress like them and go through dozens of black eyeliners, you gothic singles will be thrilled to death to know that there is a site for goth dating at

Well, not only for dating. Share your interest and love for techno rocks and goth music. Share your tattoos of the cross or bats with other goth personals. There is no limit on who you meet.

Welcome to the dark world.


Simple American said...

So what kid of tattoo do you have?

Got those black painted fingernails?


Sweetpea said...

SA - i don't have one, but hoping to get one on swee'pea, popeye's adopted baby. more on this later :)

i used to paint my nails a lot. now? will be very lucky if the nail polish can stay on for one whole day!