Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Whaddaya make of it?

Our dinner lor. This and lamb tandoori.

If you are one that can't stand the smell of cheese and milk, stay off. This is full of it. My potato bake isn't 'burnt' enough, otherwise this pic would look better if cheese was golden brown.

Most chinese my time, or is it just me(?), did not have enough dairy intake in our diet. My mother is one that couldn't stand the sight and the smell of it. Therefore, I have never tasted beef or mutton until I was in my early teens.

And when my dad and myself enjoyed the beef noodle at home, Mum will make me wash and rewash the bowls, chopsticks and spoons until she approved. My eldest sister is just exactly like her. But she will always try to trick Mum into eating something like that and watch her reaction. When eating out, especiallly in western restaurants, I remembered Mum will always lookout for sis on what she puts into her mouth. If she saw sis eating that dish, it meant she was alright to go ahead.

Once sis put a piece of food into her mouth, she knew full well that the chicken was buttered, and pretended chewing on it. Mum was staring at her. She noticed sis was acting funny, and stopped in her track, still watching. A little later, sis couldn't take the smell anymore and spat it out. At last, the joke was on my sister herself, and Mum couldn't stop laughing. On the other hand, she loves ice cream. Don't ask me why, I can't make out the reason.

When I started working, I enjoyed many different types of food during my repping days with Roche. Thanks to the company, and my ex-colleagues, I was thrown into the world of fine dining, fine wine, fine lifestyle. There were so many things, so much food beyond my favourite hawker delicacies that I hadn't known had I stayed cooped up in an office in a small town like Ipoh. I like referring to Ipoh as a town. I like it this way. It was never a city to me. I like my Ipoh as it is, homely.

Then I had my first coffee. With the coffee, came the milk. And the milk, it made me purged for a couple of days. I had temporary lactose intolerance since I had never had fresh milk for more than 10 years.

I am glad parents of today are more aware of the importance of dairy in their children's diet. Milk is very much part of our daily life today, and Aidan is still drinking his first cup in the morning and as a night cap.

Am putting this post under 'Lousy Cooking' to remind myself I can do this again next time, as the tag serves somewhat like an approved recipe by my two bosses. This dish? They both likey.


Simple American said...

I think I would likey too. *push plate up closer to screen* :)

Funny how your mom got your sister. wakakakaka

jazzmint said...

wahh sedap leh...

Michelle said...

i luvvvvv my cheese now but when i was a toddler, my mom has to force me to eat cheese!

ur mom so cute lar.

oh ya, my belle don't like cheese too like her daddy but my other 2, love cheese. :D

p/s: i need your help, please check your yahoo email. ;)

Sweetpea said...

SA - i'll make you heaps more when u come avisiting :)

jazzmint - ya, sedap if you love dairy like us :)

miche - aidan doesn't quite like the cheese slices. he'll eat it if i give it to him but won't ask for it. i replied your email. sorry i can't help much :(