Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Too busy to shop?

Never fear, Coupon Chief is here.

Being a working mum is a full-on job, not to mention that I also have to be the co-ordinator for all events and occasions happening at home. As it is, Aidan is already singing 'Jingle Bells'. So, instead of going out to the shopping centre on every birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, apart from vying for one carpark spot with many other shoppers, I opt for coupons from Coupon Chief, which also allows me to save with their many discounts. Which is great, because many a times I had to get presents at regular prices from the stores when the occasion doesn't coincide with the sales.

Now I can shop whenever I like, and stock up for everything! With Aidan's birthday just around the corner now, I may get something for him from NickelOdeon as he is so into Diego at the moment. Heck, I can even get my pet supplies at Pet Smart for our new two little gold fishies. Aahhh... online shopping is great.

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