Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wishlist: Gold Bullion

I am still saving money like nobody's business to get myself a gold bullion.

Or at least a Canadian Maple Leaf coin. No doubt us Chinese love gold very much. It is the perfect and prestigious gift for every occasion, and most loved items in weddings, baby showers, birthdays and all other joyous events.

For me, a bullion means investing in security. Money may depreciate, who knows what $100,000 is worth in the next twenty years. But with a bullion, preservation of wealth and purchasing power is always there.

Monex Deposit Company has been America's trusted name in precious metals for over thirty years. It offers the insights to buying gold, the wealth protection, profit opportunity and up-to-the-minute price and value of all precious metals.

I very much believe in looking after myself, my own welfare. What better way than securing a gold bullion?

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bokjae said...

Gold bullion! waah! you must be rich man! How about trying stock market in M'sia! Like gambling in Casino! hehe!

Sweetpea said...

bokjae - so now u know why i put under WISHLIST. where got the money leh :P