Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Coles Reliance Mould Killer

Mums in Australia.

I am telling you, hor, forget about the expensive Shower Power and Exit Mould and whatnots. I have bought them, used them, don't quite like them.

You see, I have used them in the shower, where there are build-up in the grout. Most of the products say no scrubbing needed. Bull. I know you may be thinking Perhaps she has been lazy and didn't scrub her bath as often as she should?

Well, true it is not as often as I would like to, but definitely not that dirty! So, I still have to scrub leh. And the result is not so satisfying still. Then one day I bought Coles homebrand. Much cheaper, and works brilliantly! I still scrub, I think it's just my mentality. No more dirty grout, and bathroom smells squeaky clean and sanitized.

Note, though. Not for the environmentally friendly users, I think. It's chrolox-based. Don't hate me for it! Pity my hands. As Napisan hands, they are the part that looks much older than anywhere else. Yesterday I sprayed the shower and tiles, and forgot all about it until hours later. Washed it down, cleaned everything.

Hubby came home and had the cheek to complain. At first he thought it was the gas stove. I said no and told him it was the bathroom. He then said it smelled like the old folk's home. Next time he can do it.



Kok said...

Sometimes, HomeBrand stuff is good stuff too. :P

Simple American said...

Old folks home is sanitary. That is good. :)

Sweetpea said...

kok - hhahh! sometimes, kok. i do not deny it, but still, the term 'you get what you pay for' is still 90% true :)

SA - donno. i didn't smell anything like that when i was there. maybe he meant the hospital :P

LiL'deviL said...

I'm using the Easy-Off Bam brand spray and Savings (Coles homebrand) cream cleanser in my bathroom. The cream works just like any other and smells nice too. The spray, I only read the instructions after I bought it. It says to wear gloves because it's corrosive! I never wear gloves to clean the house. And the smell is very strong, not the nice kind, it's the kind where if you smell too much you'd probably suffocate and die.

Sweetpea said...

lil'devil - i know. but most of them have that kinda smell, i had to turn the exhaust fan on, or stop breathing when am spraying the tub. the fumes are terrible! makes my eyes teary too.