Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Off to Florida. Again!

How is it possible that we haven't even been to Queensland, and my buddy and her family here is going on a holiday to Florida again. Life is not fair!

I asked her before doesn't it cost a bomb to be travelling as a whole family? Hotel accommodation and food itself is going to kill the budget. And she told me that the secret to saving on those bills is to rent Orlando Vacation homes. Homes such as pool homes, condos or town homes, this way everyone stays together in a comfortable environment and she sometimes cooks instead of eating out.

With those money saved, well, what else to do with it? Disney World or course! She said the website www.MoreMouse.com arranged all accomodation and tickets for her. As for me, am seething with jealousy. Orlando vacation or Orlando Bloom? Doesn't matter, just bring it on. I want both!

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