Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fess up, girls!

I am ASTOUNDED by the response I get from my post on My Most Embarassing Moment.

How many more of you out there tried Xenical? Come on, fess it up! I took it because I was with Roche and I was supposed to the rep for this newly launched product then (well, it wasn't compulsory, hehe) but I left soon after. In any case, I had half a valid reason for taking it, duh, well, sort of, ahem. Hehe.

What about you mums out there, eh? I thought I was the only voluntary guinea pig, but it seems there are quite a few of you who were willing to spend the extra dollar for vanity sake. Hehe, oh well, happy to know am not alone then.

I don't take it now, because it is meant for oil intake absorption, and I really don't eat much oily stuff nowadays. But I do have a sweet tooth! Anything to absorp sugar and carbs?!


joy said...

I haven't tried Xenical myself, but I know of people who have and they said how difficult it is to leave the house because of needing the bathroom too often. And if you find something that works for people who have a sweet tooth, do let me know please!

Your Love Coach

L'abeille said...

Me! *confessing with palm covering my face* :S

Yes..I tried 3 years ago but I stopped about a month. You must be wondering why huh?

Well, everything was ok for me because I was wearing a pad everyday ever since I started Xenical [not liner]. But one day, while I was in a meeting with all the other managers,the conference room was rather quiet and suddenly, I felt the urge to fart. Well, while trying to run out of the room, I was unable to control and I "pwuuuuuuuuted" so loud... everybody heard!!!

As for the outcome..I'll leave that to your imagination... Sigh..

Sweetpea said...

joy - thanks for dropping by. there may be good news. check with your pharmacist they next time u go to the drugstore, and ask about chromium picolinate. it's supposed to regulate the insulin level in our bodies, therefore, curbing the cravings for sweet things. hope this helps.

l'abeille! i should have tagged u for this! sorry, but i was really laughing! so how did u handle the situation? :P

L'abeille said... STILL ask what happen next! grrrr...

*Since today my skin is very thick...I've decided to continue my story la*

Of course everybody was staring at me lor including the handsome GM [It's my lucky day].

Actually, I had a few 'small explosions' during the meeting but I 'let it out gently and slowly and bit by bit' but the last one killed me!

I tell was so embarrassing. Since it was near lunch time and meeting was about to end,I didn't return to the meeting room after I cleaned up the mess at the ladies. I did not even join them for lunch, I told them I had tummy discomfort [Since they already heard my "puuuuttt" during meeting].

I stopped having those evil pills that day!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wei...sekarang I tag you -

NomadicMom said...

Hahahah...laughing at l'abeille's comments. Luckily I didn't have such embarassing moments lah. But those days were waaaaay over.

Sweetpea said...

l'abeille - thanks for sharing :) i can't imagine with a busy place like mine if i take it again :P

WH - thanks. will do it soonest possible. pls. allow some time :)

nomadicmom - that is SO true, i mean the 'waaaaay over' phase, hehe.