Monday, September 03, 2007

Here's to You, Dads

In conjunction with Aussie Father's Day (yep, we have a different date, and it was yesterday) I would like to play again 'You Raise Me Up'. I put this song up on Mother's Day by Josh Groban, and this time it is from Westlife.

Dads are no different. Although they do less housechores (hmmmm....)this song is for dads who think they deserve it. And also a dedication to hubby's grandfather, who passed on peacefully Sunday morning. Without him, my family never existed.


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Shh...just to tell u, the moment i first heard this song sang by Josh Groban, I vow to use this on my wedding day!

Hehehe! If i can marry a really rich man or I'm really rich by then I would even fly Josh Groban to my wedding and sing it in person!

If not I'll get someone of his caliber to sing for me when I walk down the aisle...

Childish huh?

Sweetpea said...

nesh - not at all! just remember to fly me in as well!!

Karl said...


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