Monday, September 03, 2007

Measured Love

A customer came in last night, looking hurried. Rushed.

He wore a casual T inside with a black blazer, matched with black pants. Has a David Bowie look, and was holding a BMW car key.

Show me your best perfume.

Who's it for?

It's my daughter's birthday. *shook his head*
I forgot. It's a last minute thing. What's the most expensive one you've got?

How old is she? What does she like?

23. I don't know. What do you have? Something expensive.

HHmm.... gave him a sample of Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton? No no no no no! She's cheap! I had to laugh at this comment. How true!
What about this one, White Diamond? Sounds expensive.

No, she won't like that. It's for more matured women. *Smiled*


Looked around... sampled a few.....

What's this?

Gucci Envy. I am wearing it. It's nice, sweet and powdery kind of scent.

How much is it?


Good, good. Can you wrap it up for me?


He would've gotten the most expensive one if we have it. Doesn't even know what his daugther likes. Busy busy man.

Rich man, poor father.

*Ps. If you are wondering what other kind of perfume I have at home. Not many. But I get to sample the testers at the shop. This way I have lots!


eastcoastlife said...

Gucci Envy is nice smelling eh. I'll try it at the airport's Duty-free. hehe.... Lucky you, get to try the latest fragrance before most ladies.

Wish my husband buys perfume like that father.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Do u know i have a knack of collecting perfumes but not using them? I just love the scent so much I never want to use it! Hehehee! So stupid of me!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Paris Hilton!? OMG... she's certainly cheap I say.. lol.. cheap in character... =D Opps... better not say too much, wait I gonna mop by Paris fanatics! lol

Sasha said...

my perfume talcum powder

Tagged u here

Anonymous said...

Hi SP--that is a wonderful line---rich man, poor father!

Michelle said...

i missed perfume...i so worried if i wear them, my children won't like my not original smell...

btw, what r u working as? I tot u r a pharmacist.

LiL'deviL said...

Well, at least he got her something although it's last minute. The daughter doesn't have to know that. And wow, that is expensive.

I've got an ok amount of perfumes which I have never finish even one of them before. I gave some away. Seldom use now.

Sweetpea said...

ECL - maybe throw a tantrum like a daughter if he forgets a birthday :P and try guccy rush 2. i like that one better, actually :)

nesh - the scent may go off one wor.. try collectting minis then :)

kev - they'll mob me first :P

sasha - can wear one. very subtly :) am lucky aidan is fine with it.

TNP - rich men aren't perfect after all :)

miche - i work in a pharmacy, as a pharmacy assistant and dispensary tech. haha, i wish i am a pharmacist :)

lil'devil - yeah. but she may already have known anyway :) i bought many bottles too. some i wanted to send back to KL but was told by Aust.Post I can't coz it's flammable items, bleh.

Annie Q said...

I like Gucci Envy too! But i more like Lancome "Oui"
Just about want to ask u what r u working as. Read the comment that u reply michelle, 24 hours pharmacy?

mott said... about sarah jessica parker's lovely ? nice mah that one?

Sweetpea said...

annie q - that's nice too! i have lancome's miracle. it's one of my personal fave :)

mott - that's also nice. got tester, hehehe.

jazzmint said...

hahaha.....well at least he bought something for dotter.

hmm i'm using ralph lauren i think , but those mini ones...which i cant remember what cause got 5 LOL

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - i have one RL Cool Water :)