Saturday, September 29, 2007

The many faces of Amsterdam

Amsterdam. One of the many places I would love to visit, to explore the beautiful nature, its rich history and cultures.

Dubbed the Venice of the North, this historical centre is well known for its concentric canals that run through the city centre. The architecture of buildings from unspoken time, old crooked houses on cobbled streets, the spectacular museums, and the famous paintings, will bring people of all backgrounds to the cultural capital of Holland. Daffodils and tulips spring to life in summer.

From an aristocrat who loves visiting the finest of buildings and museums, to the eager tourist who would just about try anything the city has to offer, Amsterdam has definitely something for everyone. The adventurous may want to experience the renowned soft-drug menus at one of their coffeeshops, and get some Bulldog souvenirs along the way. For the more daring ones, the Red Light district is not to be missed, where there are also clean and comfortable erotic theatres that present live shows for every tourist.

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