Saturday, September 29, 2007

A heavenly massage LONGGG overdue

NatSkin Day Spa is where we went this morning.

Knowing there will be a scalp massage involved, I washed my hair this morning, smelling nice and soft. Don't want the therapist to gag on my pillow head, if you know what I mean. Both Bessie and I ticked the option of firm massage, given the choices of soft, medium or firm.

We each got an individual room, dimly lit with a candle and meditation music in the background. The moment I lied down on the massage bed, it was warm. SYOKNYA!!! Then came the massage oil, a combination blend, of ylang ylang, lavender, bergamot and something else, I can't remember. Mignonne was my therapist, and her warm hands worked my back and legs nicely. Firm pressure and kneading on my spine, it was heavenly. The last fifteen minutes (I think it was fifteen, or perhaps ten minutes) was finished with the scalp massage. Hooiyooh....

When we were done, I met up with Bessie and she said it was painful. I reckoned because she got a big girl, hehe. As for my hair, well, let's say it is well oiled. Wasted my time blow-drying it. Anyway, am leaving it be for tonight, might as well treat it as hot oil treatment, since it's dry anyway.

Will I go there again? Yes. Perhaps can get hubby to get my a Vichy bath for body exfoliation for Christmas ;P


mott said...

WOw...the fact that the bed was warm..sounds already heavenly!!!

I'm so glad u had a great time...I'm sure u really deserved it!!!!

Sweetpea said...

u bet mott! hey, when u are here, we shud have gals getaway :)

TitansFan said...

You ladies have all the fun! My wife took a little retreat at the spa for mothers day. She got a session on the Vichy Massage Table. Do you think the favor was returned?! Nope, Socks and a t-shirt (worlds greatest day) and a card. The card my daughter made herself made up for it all. I love the feeling I get when she makes me stuff.