Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My little boy...

is singing 'You Raise Me Up'. Well..... it goes something like 'I am down...You waise me up... mountain...'

If you remember my post on Father's Day, you would have seen the YouTube clip on Westlife singing the song. He loved the clip, where the little boy showing off his muscles. Then I found a new clip, still the same song, but this time sung by Josh Groban.

Embedding of this clip has been disabled, so I can only post the URL here if you would like to take a look.

You Raise Me Up

The orcas at Sea World captured his attention, over and over and over again. The song so inspirational, the orcas, so so amazing! The friendship you can see between them and the keepers, the trust with each other.

Aidan asked Wilkin for 'Whale' when I was at work last night, but of course, Wilkin had no idea what Aidan was talking about. I just showed him the clip and it's been favourited in Aidan's folder, so he knows where to go to if Aidan asks for it.Wonderful, beautiful animals.


Mike said...

My 2-year old sings that, too, His version sounds like: "You waste me up ..."

He is looking at me when he sings that. Hmp.



The New Parent said...

Hi Sweetpea--I can imagine how the orcas got his attention. Thank you for sharing!

Sweetpea said...

mike - haha, sometimes u wonder if he really means that :P

TNP - i like the clip too, although i don't click replay over and over again :P