Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Of bowl, plate and muddy footprints

About the bowl and the plate, it still wouldn't budge.

I have used plenty of liquid soap, nothing. While doing that I ran boiling water on the outside of the bowl, upside down, and I heard a couple of clicks, which meant it expanded a little bit. But nothing.

So for saving any further trouble, I am using my friend Peng's solution. Break the bowl, save my plate. Because it already has multiple chips from my knocking it aroud, plus a couple of sliced skin from it. What the heck. They should be happy am getting a new bowl.

As if this didn't stress me up enough, my little rascal came tip-toeing into to kitchen after his mud play and made this:

Plus a very muddy backside, by which my blogging sense to take a pic has flew out the window. Pray for bright and sunny mood for the next twelve days, I swear, because one fine day one cheeky rascal is going to end up having a bright red palm print blossoming on his little bum.

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