Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thomas Tank & Friends Musical

I tell you, it was hectic day for me.

I had to drive to East Malvern train station which boasts of 583 parking spaces. None left. So I had to park on the grass. Keeping my fingers crossed I won't get fined. There were few other cars with me.

Aidan had his first train ride in years. The previous ones he probably coulnd't remember as he was still a baby. He sat quietly, and I can feel his excitement although he didn't make a sound. Half an hour later, we reached Richmond station, where we had to walk 10 minutes to the Vodafone Arena. For those who might ask, let me tell you again, I HATE driving into the city, let alone find a parking. At a crowded place. On school holidays. Lucky thing it was a nice afternoon too.

We were an hour early, so I let Aidan had his sandwich before the 1pm show. Soon after that, we went into the arena, and wandered around the merchandising area. Eight out of ten kids were carrying the Thomas wand. I knew it was going to be expensive. I was prepared for the price. But still, when I said prepared, I still can't believe this thing cost $15. The woman behind me thought she heard wrongly and asked me twice. I also got a straw for him. You know, the spiral straw, only thing is it has a rubber Thomas clipped on to it. That's another $10. These people really know how to make money from vulnerable parents.

A melamine plate, $10. T-shirt, $20. Cap, $30. Can't remember the others.

Anyway, the show was great. Aidan didn't enjoy as much as I did, unfortunately. He lately developed a fear, or dislike, I don't know, for loud noises. While he loved seeing Thomas and Percy, he didn't like the Fat Controller and the conductors singing. At one point, I thought he looked so scared I was prepared to leave and asked if he wanted to go home. And he said yes! But when he saw Thomas again, he wanted to stay.

That reminded me, few nights ago I left him in his room naked to get something from the bathroom. At that same time, Wilkin came home from work and saw the light in Aidan's room. Thinking of playing a trick on him, Wilkin threw something onto the window, and Aidan came running out searching for me.

I wonder. I have never taught him fear. So what made him act this way? Who instilled fear in him? Or has it just happened? He has always been cautious, and the only fear he had was for the dog next door. Not that it bites, Sam is over friendly and likes to pounce on everyone, and Aidan didn't like it.

A new challenge for this Domestic Engineer.


PEARLY said...

wow the AUsie really very in to thomas the tank huh there have more thing then in UK .
look who the lucky boy ....... AIdan

Sweetpea said...

hi pearly - the musical is from the USA, that's why everyone in aust. is flocking to see it. it's not always the case we get something like this for the kids.

the show was great. it's 1 1/2 hours, but kids are allowed to run here and there, u know how they are :)

janicepa said...

fear pun need to be taught ka ??

come on.. betul ka ??

Sweetpea said...

janice - parents may not realize it, but yes, we can actually instil fear in our children, in the likes of ghosts and policemen, boogymen, darkness, doctors, etc.

something like, if you don't eat your rice, the policemen is going to come and catch you, or if you don't do this, i'll bring you to the doctor for an injection.

we may not realize it, but we can cause long term effects on them. like it did me. so, we try not to threaten him with things like this.

mott said...

yes yes!! JR was very very scared of the Thomas Train Ride...he was actually hiding inside the truck. So, I think this show would have freaked him out as well...not the loud noise...but the bigness of everything. I mean, to him, it should be all his trainset..ha ha ha!

I think I would have enjoyed time, we go ourselves la...HA HA HA!

Sweetpea said...

mott - aidan was just about the loud music. yeah, we shud go ourselves next time, when they come from the US again. perhaps by them the kids will be around 10, hehe.