Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

L'abeille and Pearly has awarded me with this cute little flower, and I am glad that someone finds my blog uplifting.

I am thrilled when blogger friends make comments when they find my posts funny, weird, happy, ridiculous, but most of all, it is a great feeling to know that I manage to make them feel the way I do. Or not :P

So ladies, thanks so much for this award, it really means a lot to me that it meant something to you.

And for the blogs that makes me smile the most,

Sasha and Mott, seriously.


janicepa said...

i kasi you tau .. sudah tentu buat lagi punya... sebab dia tu .. LAKI !!!..

Sasha said...

I HEART U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MUAKS!

mott said...


Really ah??? aiyo...i so shy now...

Sweetpea said...

janice - i tau lar, tapi dia tentu akan ingat dia punya poket wan

sasha and mott - i manyak suka you orang mar :)