Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Before you leave my blog in disgust

Please, please, please bear with me for a few more pos berbayar.

Have to finish up all the assignments before I leave, as I won't have constant access to the computer once I reach my destination. That would be a good thing, wouldn't it? More time lepak-ing and playing with Aidan.

This year I plan NOT to 'drug' Aidan on the plane. He is old enough to recognize tiredness and go to sleep (Hopefully! Fingers very much crossed!) If not, there is always Plan B. Have to have a Plan B. There will be entertainment for him. Thanks Mott, for the magnetic Thomas puzzles she gave Aidan. It sure comes in handy now.

So what if he becomes bored with one easily? (Hopefully again that won't be his ways with girls!) Always got back-up mar..... I saw this last week, but hesitated. I went back today and decided to get it, buy two get one bag free. And guess what? It was the LAST bag! Lucky me!

Aidan adores Charlie and Lola. I will just bring 'My School Play Sticker Book' and keep the other one till he's got a wobbly tooth, hahaha. As for the bag, it's MINE! The little rascal doesn't know I bought these, otherwise the stickers would have been everywhere already.

OOooo......... three more sleeps :)


janicepa said...

when ???? when ??? i forgot again lah ..

Sweetpea said...

this weekend lar :)

Annie Q said...

hehehehe..u also a cheeky mummy!!!

mott said...

Ha ha ha... that's why la.. I purposefully bought MAGNETS.. coz they won't get lost too easily during travels.

But, then at home, is a different story la. Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Hope Aidan will just chill and RELAX on the plane! Is it MAS? SIA? or Qantas?

Sweetpea said...

annie - ya ya, the mummy can be very cheeky at times :P

mott - me hope so too. MAS. SIA has to transit marr.. waste time only.