Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hooray!! At LONG Last!!

I finally managed to bribe him into letting me cut the sides!

Well, actually, it was more of a threat. I told him he will be seeing Kay Kay and Yan Yan soon (my grandnieces in KL) and that we will be going on an aeroplane. But if he doesn't let me cut his hair, he will have to stay home alone. Hahahahaa!

We sat on top of the stairs at the back and while I snipped away, I asked him which Chuppa Chup he preferred... bla bla bla... so that took away a little of his attention on the scissors. It was all good.

And at last.............. (after a little bit of waxing too)

He didn't like his hair standing, kept smoothing it down.

Can lar.... look good also. Better than before!

Woohooooo!!! A happy mummy!


Sweet Jasmine said...

just drop by to say hi...u hve got a nice looking boy there...thks for swinging by my domain...yr boy will one day outgrow his dislike for haircut..

Shannon's Mummy said...

Your son beri handsomoe leh... hehe


sweetpea jie jie, wahh u so panlai, can cut ur son's hair, sumore got the pehsion look, my mom also cut my hair, but once she cut wrongly, she will say, nevermine lah, ur hair will grow back:( hmmmm hmmmmm!! but i still love my mom, muahahahahaha!!!

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--such a handsome boy and he does look good in the pic (smile)!

jazzmint said...

wah so handsome...i prefer the 1st one

Sweetpea said...

sweet jasmine - oh, he hasn't got a problem to start with, but somehow when he grew older, the more funny stints he has :)

shannon's mummy - thanks :) only nice pics i post lar! :P

aron - little bit here and there, i still can do it. btw, please stick to calling me by my nick. the jie jie sounds very funny to me!

TNP - thanks :) like i said, i only post the nice pics.. haha

jazzmint - ya, me too. waste my effort only :P

mr fong said...

Haha, ya very nice and pretty photo :P

Ur method works, distract the kid! I shall get my students to do maths like that too,haha..

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aidan does look different after you snipped the sides but cuter than before :D

janicepa said...

hahaha.. i see.. it's still the same saje.. sama sama so handsum like b4

Sweetpea said...

mr fong - arr.. how arr? distract already how to concentrate on maths lagi?

immoms - neater u mean! :)

janicepa - ahak ahak ahak!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. turned out to be very nicely cut! And he looks really good with it!