Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Blogger photo uploading is currently down.

Our engineers are working on the situation."

What??!! I want to paste my photos NOW! Ishhh..... Dang.

It's a very sunny Sunday afternoon, and what did I do? Nothing. I haven't stepped out from the house, and it's 15 to 2pm. 30 degree Celsius. I thought I heard wrong on Friday night while I was driving home from work when the radio announced 'top of 31'.

31? In Spring? Although this may mean a very hot summer ahead, I was glad that we all get to wear Ts and shorts yesterday and today. Now my problem is about the fan. Aidan only gets to see the fan once a year, and every year is different from the last. This year he is more alert than last year naturally, more inquisitive. While last year when we told him to lay off the fan, he would. There was nothing interesting about the fan.

This year, he found it somewhat fascinating. So will his little fingers. Wilkin and myself will have to closely keep watch on him. I was looking at the brochures on tower fans. Safe for busy little fingers. JUST LOOKING! Wilkin will surely blow his top if I get one, coz we have three of the standard ones, still in very good working condition.

It is fascinating to see the look and reaction on Aidan's face every year for the past four years when seasons change. I get to experience the changes in him, for example clothings. It's getting warmer now, and being a routine creature, Aidan refused to not wear his socks to go to bed, and covered himself to the chin with his blanket. Half an hour later I will usually find him asleep and sweating. Or during the winter, he refused to wear his beanie to keep warm, instead he wanted to wear his summer bucket hat. Or refuse to wear his house slippers after going barefeet for the whole summer season.

Cute, I know, but upsets me when I find his hands and feet cold as ice or seeing him sweating a bucket in bed with his full PJ's and socks and blanket.


jazzmint said...

hehe they always like to do the opposite of what we want them to huh

Sweetpea said...

hmm... u think we should be the one thinking of a change of tactic? :P