Monday, October 22, 2007

Hannah Montana in Concert

Watching Billy Ray Cyrus as Dr. Cassidy years ago was one of my favourite pastime. I never imagined his daughter Miley Cassidy following his footsteps is making it bigger and is now touring USA and Canada for the musical hit Hannah Montana, as Hannah herself.

It tells of the story of a girl living a double life as an average student during the day and a famous singer at night, her famous identity only known by a few who are really close to her. I love the very idea of Billy Ray Cyrus playing as her father in the show.

While I am not a child anymore, I enjoy watching musicals of all kind, what more if it's a comedy. Now, the sad thing for me is, my friend is going to the concert, and I am not. She got me so jealous when she said she got the Hannah Montana tickets from for the end of this month. Oh well, I guess I just have to tell her to have a great time for me as well.

SO not fair.

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