Monday, October 22, 2007

Shopping list for lou kong

Shoes for Aidan. And hubby will say,

Put down in my list.

Lunchbox for Aidan.

Put down in my list.

Windbreaker for Aidan.

Put down in my list.

Nice bucket hat for Aidan.

Put down in my list.

AAhh..... the simple life of not having to think. As if I am doing the shopping. So I have to compile a neat list for him, everything for Aidan. Nothing for myself. I really do not know what to get, plus, I may not like it. I am fussy in that way. Apart from the list, I'd better make sure he got the correct shoe size. This is what he has to carry with him.

No, not the Tic Tac! Haha, this is just to show you the size comparison lar. Aidan's got big feet. He found it funny and ticklish when I drew this thing, and he wanted both feet done the next round. Ended up with marker ink all round his feet.

Apart from Thomas Tank stuff, Aidan is very into these two cute siblings at the moment. He didn't mind me changing the wallpaper from Thomas to this:

So I told Wilkin to look out for this theme too in Hong Kong and get some cute stuff. His answer?

Put down in my list.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

muahahaaa..this is too funny. better make extra copies of the list, just in case ;D

JO-N said...

So funny.

A treat for you over at my blog. Hop over and claim it, ya.

Sweetpea said...

WH - that's right! who knows he may misplace it. have to slip one in the luggage, one in another zipper..etc.etc :)

jo-n - thanks, will check it out soon :)

NomadicMom said...

Same with my hubby lah. WHen I tell him, he also won't listen one. But mine a little more hi-tech lah. Ask me to list it and then SMS to him. Paper list can be lost ma... His phone is ALWAYS with him!!

btw, you have been tagged!

Sweetpea said...

hubby not using phone when in HK mar. funny how phone is their daily partner and superglue, not the wives :P