Monday, October 22, 2007

Extra storage space for the computer

Three in a house. All with different interests. It is pretty harsh on the computer.

Hubby has his little business files and he has his kind of movie downloads. I have my favourites, family video clips, thousands of photos, as well as Aidan's favourite movies. The in-built hard drive can only take so many.

An external hard drive will be the perfect answer to plenty of extra storage space up to 1TB! And that means tons and tons and tons of music, videos, and all the 'heavyweight' stuff. has a variety of USB Hard Drives with effortless setups. Most designs are discreet and quiet so no one will have to notice that is is there.

Hardly expensive. Hhmm... Christmas present, perhaps?


janicepa said...

*pengsan*.. penganjur hawa dingin .. LOL !!!

Sweetpea said...

cannot meh? hahahhahhaa