Saturday, October 13, 2007

BP and the Solar Decathlon

Global warming is no longer a speculation. It is here and it is already happening. And unless everyone does his part to help, the future of all living things in the world will look bleak.

Although I am no saint as electricity is very much part of my life, I try my best to switch off all power points at night, air our clothes naturally instead of using the dryer and use energy-saving bulbs for all our lights. Every little bit helps.

For this whole week from the 11th to the 19th, instead of watching reality TV shows such as singing and dancing competitions, I will be, and I urge everyone to log on to the BP Solar Decathlon website to admire twenty university teams around the world design, build and operate livable, energy-efficient and completely solar-powered houses. BP is the only energy company one of the main corporate sponsors for this special event since 2002. Together with the U.S Department of Energy, BP recognizes the need for precautionary action to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

The blog helps connecting people who shares the interest in resourcing alternative energy, and catch up-to-date reports of the competition by their on-site reporter. See the houses these Decathletes build and vote for your favourite team. You will be amazed and proud to see them working hard to find a ways to help create a better future.

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