Saturday, October 13, 2007

Please buy this, please buy that...

How many of you travelling or going on a holiday, that you get unwordly requests to get this and that for your family, friends, acquaintance, family's friend, the aunty round the block?

Every single year, without fail, I get requests. Now I am not the type of person who kira-kira. If I can do it, I'll do it. Am most happy to oblige. Gives me more reason and excuse to shop, although the things are not mine. For family, okay lar. For friends, depending on what kinds of things they want, and honestly, how kawan the person is to me. That's the way it is, isn't it? Don't tell me favouritsm doesn't exist in your dictionary.

Then again people also have to understand, many ONE REQUEST becomes MANY REQUESTS! To think that I will be carrying an almost empty luggage to fill up with Malaysia shoppings, no such luck. Have to fill up with requested lists, plus my FIL's souvenirs for my mum and siblings. Maybe some of you do not know, but leg of ham from Australia makes great gifts! So, I have to carry 3 of them! Each weigh at least 1kg,

With due respect, I am checking out from the airport alone with Aidan. You know how it's like with an active and inquisitive 4 year old boy. Plus a large luggage, perhaps another large parcel, if there isn't enough space. A hand-carry, no doubt the largest they allow me to carry, otherwise where to put Aidan's Bear-bear and Puppy? No way he is going to check either of them in the luggage! And I've got only one pair of hands, and one pair of eyes.

Some requested once, then requested for more! THINK I GOT MAIDS CARRYING MY STUFF IZZIT? I am asking for trouble by blogging this post. Chinese saying 'Putting a worm into one's backside.'

Donno how many people I will offend :P


mott said...


I completely understand! 3x LEG OF HAM!!! WAKAKAKAAKAKAK I didn't realise Pigs were so desirable! I've always thought the aussie pigs smelt abit funny....WAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAKAK!!!

Actually, how does one politely tell them, NO?

Coz, I normally am not polite..and will tell them, I have kids to look after..there's no way I can lug about so much! WAKAKAKAAK!

yung . said...

If it's me, I would say yes yes and come back empty handed :D If they want stuffs, tell them to go there and buy themself lor.

PEARLY said...

yes is true lor wat you should do it don't tell everyone you are going BACK or say sori to them you can't carry for them your son come first , my family use to ask to me to buy this and that to this uncle that aunty I say to them I don't have a tree that grown $ in my back garden

Peng said...

after all you decided to put up this post :)

laundryamah said...

wah..didn't know that leg of ham is a good gift to bring back..errr..not tim tams meh? much lighter ma..but then again good to deter customs wor! hahahah..errr should i ask for one too? kakakakkakaka ok not funny..maybe i ask my cousin to buy one for since she's coming next week!

Sweetpea said...

mott - u have 2 kids, and a half, so your excuse is much easier :P

yung - thanks for dropping by. easy to say. as it is, some anon has left a comment that sounded kinda pissed off with my post, hehe. but i don't publish anons :P

pearly - it's not about the money, they pay me back. i don't mind buying too, but when the date gets closer to travelling, there will be more request and that it hits me at once, my bag is FULL!

peng - ya, like i said, there is already a comment which sounded pissed off which i didn't publish.

laundryamah - it is actually. makes great sandwich or just eat it like that, and the bone can make soup.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey...can u bring those in? they dont stop u?