Saturday, October 06, 2007

An afternoon at Chesterfield Farm

Backdated pics on a cool and sunny Thursday afternoon.

I thought the farm was at Wellington Road. I thought wrong. Couldn't find it. Had a look at the Melway, and it was actually on Ferntree Gully Road which is parallel to it. Wasted like half and hour there.

This farm is similar to Myuna Farm, but it has no pony rides. Wonder if Aidan dare to sit on one though. He was so afraid of the turkey. The reason I brought him to a farm is for him not to feel afraid of them. This boy has recently and suddenly developed fear for many things, or is it a norm for children this age to start feeling as such?

At the end of the day, he was quite comfortable with them, but still wouldn't feed any with his hand. He would put the grub on my hand and asked me to feed the animals instead.

And this morning, he was asking about chicken and goats. Hahaha, not today dear. We'll go the farm another day.

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