Thursday, October 11, 2007

Detoxing the Lazy Way

Feeling sluggish, tired and drained?

Time for detox! Not just any detox, but the lazy way. Hiisshh.. sounds like I am making a commercial. Was too annoyed last night to blog about this, so tonight I am going to experiment this product and let you know the result.

Got a couple of samples from a rep, supposedly just paste the patch to the soles of your feet before going to bed and hey! You'll wake up LOOKING refreshed and feeling LIGHTER, invigorated and ready to start a new day. We'll see about that.

Use night for one month wor, I only have two packs.

Not a very pretty sight, hahaha, but this will do. If tomorrow I feel 110% I'll let you know. But don't bet on it. So miraculous meh? Duh.


NomadicMom said...

Hey! I've done this too. Origins are Japanese, i think. There's also a newer tech version where you soak your water in a basin of water with some ionizer thingy...and the water becomes darker and there's precipitation too....Very disgusting. I did post of picture of the yucky water in my blog some time back...

L'abeille said...

I used this effect on me..WHY? Because I kicked and rubbed the two plasters off my feet while i was asleep..where got effect like that? hehe

Sweetpea said...

nomadic mom and l'abeille - only did it once, so i donno got effect or not :P feel biasa only..