Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a Card Table!

My friend's brother is a chief croupier in a well-known casino. He doesn't gamble heavily himself, but loves his job and loves a few card games with friends at home whenver he finds time.

And being a professional at his job, what represents it at home must look good too. He has this really great looking dining table which I commented on, and he surprised me by saying that it can be doubled as a poker table too, which has coasters, chips and domino holders. No wonder I found myself asking what the groves were for. Haven't been to a private room in a casino before, I haven't seen such leisure yet sophisticated looking poker table. The chairs have roll casters, which as first I thought a little odd, but now then it made sense because sitting at a card table, I would want to be as comfortable as I can be, as well as not disturbing anyone when I want to get up by making noises pushing the chair in and out.

Card Tables have come a long way for looking so amazingly good. Being an Asian I only recognize the mahjong table, a specially made table for their beloved mahjong game, therefore I am not surprised the poker players will have a wider range of tables for a variety of card games.

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