Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stealing without conscience

A lady (X) came into the pharmacy with a script for her young son. Probably only a few years old because it was in suspension form. I can't be too sure because I did not serve her.

She wandered around the shop, and at some point of time I did ask her if she needed any help, she said she was waiting for her script. As we were all busy, my colleagues and I did not communicate.

At 11pm I had to till-off for the night and count the money in both tills. For that five minutes or so, I didn't serve anyone. Unbeknownst to us, one of my colleagues, Nat, had been watching this lady. At the corner of my eyes, I did see X walking to the back of my counter. She was in fact, walking out the store. A short while later, Nat rushed up to me asking if X has paid for her script. I told her I served no one.

Nat rushed out the shop and called after X. This is her account of the incident:

Nat : Excuse Me! (called after X)

Nat : EXCUSE ME!! (I could hear her shouts from inside the shop)

Nat : Have you paid for the script?

X : Yes

Nat : Show me the receipt. (Knowing full well X didn't pay, Nat didn't bother to be polite)

X : Oh, I haven't paid yet.

Followed Nat back into the store, and paid $20.45. I looked at X. No Sorry, no nothing. As if nothing happened. Damn sure she cameback, we have got her address and details, and footage of the whole thing.

How s**tface can that be?! If she had genuinely forgotten, as with some customers, they apologized profusely. X knew she was busted. She did, in fact, tried to walk off without paying! Medication for her son! And she had the money for it.

Makes me boil. Such lowlife. Be a thief for yourself, but don't be a thief for a child. No excuse for stealing, especially when you had the money for it. I have absolutely no reserves for calling such a person Scum.


JO-N said...

You sound angry! It happens here too. "The thief" walked into a shop, said that he wanted to buy something. The shopkeeper went to fetch the thing and when he came out, his laptop was gone.

A few days ago, I went to Ikea. When it was my turn to pay, a lady came and grab my parking ticket which I left at the counter for the cashier. I shouted at her and the cashier got a shock. She thought it was another theft.She told me there were a few cases of theft at the cashier in Ikea lately.

Sad to see this.

IMMomsDaughter said...

This woman professional already lah, that's why no reaction one. Tak tahu malu even :P

Sweetpea said...

jo-n - unfortunately these things are so common that no one really cares about it, except the victims. we'll be lucky if no one got hurt, or at least nothing important is lost.

immomsdaughter - if pro, then will not get caught in the first place lor. hahahah!