Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A little Rascal has been waking up way too early

By early I mean 6.40am?

I told Wilkin before if he does that again, and in case I am in my deep sleep mode (translation = dead to the world), kick him back into his own bed.

Somehow this morning, I found a sniffling and pouting boy climbing up the bed next to me, with a not-so-pleased-looking daddy walking out the room. My guess is that Wilkin tried to put Aidan back to bed, but cheeky little man refused. They ended up switching places. Which is not so good for me, because about 10 minutes later he was asking for his milk, and then wanting me to accompany him to the toilet. Like I said, he is very capable of doing his own business, but I have to get up to see him 'go' the first thing in the morning. Just don't ask me why.

And after his milk, I felt jolts, kicks, pets, all the moving around the bed, drifting in and out of sleep till about 9am. And thanks to him playing with my mobile phone too (which is also my alarm clock), I received a call at 8am asking me who I am!

The story is, a friend of mine cancelled an old number. I added her new number in, and didn't delete the old. So, I have two numbers under her name. Aidan must have pressed the old number and called overseas! When I received 'her' call who sounded like a Malay man, my first thought was 'You got my friend's phone and you've got the cheek to call me back!' Later in the morning, when I am fully conscious and awake (bless me!) I sms-ed her asking if she's still got the old number her reply was 'Not anymore'. Quickly delete lar, what else!

Felt bad for the Malay man coz he must have received a call from 'me' at 5.54am his time! Sorry ya? Hehehe. He asked me where I am calling from, and I told him Australia. He said 'Oh, that's very far!' I apologized, saying my son was playing with the phone.

Isn't bad for the phone companies to use old numbers again? Imagine how many calls he would have gotten from callers like me had my friend not informed everyone, or if someone missed out, of the change.

Anyway, Aidan has been up very early these couple of days, and no longer fighting arvo naps any longer, he is finally asleep in my bed right now.


Peng said...

malay man won't complain cos it is his 'sahur' time.

Sweetpea said...

lagi teruk. if got bini, sure to be summoned kau-kau, hahaha!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

so aidan called peng's old number? :D yep, the phone company recycles the old numbers which is not a good thing.

Annie Q said...

hahaha..that malay guy must be surprise he got "secret admirer" all the way from Aust!! just kidding..

Sweetpea said...

WH - silly isn't it? how on earth can they run out of numbers?

annie q - of course i know u are kidding :P i got no time to admire anyone. these two kings at home is enough to occupy all my time!