Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Proud to be Malaysian

But glad to be out from the place.

Politics, racism, briberies, crimes, hideous crimes.

I mean, it happens everywhere. It happens here in Australia. Good and bad people spread out around the world. Rulers and government in every country is not perfect. They strive to do the best for their people, but the people must also do their part.

S**t. Am not making sense here. Okay, just straight from my heart.

More and more I hear about things happening in Malaysia. More and more I get feeling insecure for anyone close to me living there. If I have lived there all my life, or if I am still there, settled down with a family, I wouldn't have complained. But having tasted life in this part of the world, I can make a comparison for myself.

Family life is so much better over here. Benefits are here for us to reap from what the government has to offer. So far we have been treated right and fair. What you may have heard about the high percentage of tax we have to pay (therefore you may think I am only using my own money) does not apply to everyone. There is a treshold for low income / part-time earners like me, where we pay much less.

So far, I have :

  1. Delivered a baby (Public hospital, great service)
  2. Had a keyhole surgery for the removal of my gall bladder (Public hospital, great service)
  3. Countless blood tests
  4. Countless ultrasounds
  5. Done a heel scraping at the lab (suspected fungal infection which read negative)
  6. Access to partly claimable doctors' fees (i.e. can claim like 60% or more of the $40 fees) or bulk-billed (totally free)
  7. Pap tests
  8. Eye checks
  9. Subsidised expensive medications ($200 plus) where I pay the only the minimum amount of $30 odd
  10. Get family tax benefit payments every fortnight for every child born in Australia.

And they were / are practically all FREE.

I know most friends with children would love to migrate if circumstances allow. I can only hope their wishes come true.

Like I said, I am proud to tell people I am from Malaysia. It is no doubt a beautiful country, amazing culture, lovely yummy food, the lot. Somehow some people living there are not doing the country right. They tarnish its reputation, bring so much fear and insecurities to others, to parents, to loved ones.

I, for one, am glad that my family is here, in Australia.


wHOisBaBy said...

yup, i've heard about the great medical services in aussie. here in US, everything also need to pay. when it comes to medical bill, AHAHAA ... if u no insurance coverage, pay your life time also cannot finish paying. ex: i was charged over $4k just for the delivery (only) for dr. fee. but lucky got insurance so they negotiated and i ended up only needing to pay $50 after the insruance paying some of the big chunks.

LadyJava said...

Hello there

I have a friend who got married to an Aussie and migrated there. She is having so much fun there.. She told me life in Tasmania (where she is) is so much relaxed than in Singapore. She gave birth without much hassle in a public hospital as well and she is now getting child support monthly for her children (I think that is what she said).

All sound so awesome :-)

Sue said... is usually good overseas like in the UK as it is free like in Australia..but I think all places have their good and downside..I still want to move back to Malaysia though..maybe Singapore..because I wanna be near my family..hehe..

mott said...


What can I say? I have the same exact feelings. Except for their Aussie slang.... which my kids will prob adopt.....and annoy the hell out of me..HA HA HA!

Sweetpea said...

whoisbaby - you'll be surprised that there ARE still people complaining that the govt. is not doing good enough! some are comparing the facilities here to Dubai. well hello, Dubai is a RICH country. i just had to keep my mouth shut. obviously she hasn't lived in a poorer country.

ladyjava - thanks for visiting :) and you heard right. thanks for reminding me, i've added the FTB payments to my number 10 :P depending on the family's income, it may not be much for some, but it's money in our pocket.

sue - to be near family is everyone's dream, but being a whole new generation, we have the young ones to think about. with due respect, malaysia is not a place for our children in the future. SG, maybe, but then you'll be slaving away at the office :P

mott - hehe, i don't mind. i think i have it myself, but somehow i manage to convert it back to manglish whenever i am in m'sia, hahaha!

mott said...

No..I'm talking about the BROAD Aussie No is "NOY"..stuff like that.

The kids say it a lot (like it's a hip thing)..and it annoys me!!!! ;-)

JO-N said...

It's really sickening to see violence here in Malaysia. My sister is now working in Sydney and I think she likes the life there.

Sweetpea said...

mott - kath and kim. look at moi, look at moi!! hahahahah!! haimeh? izzit the 'in' thing? i didn't realize that :P

jo-n - depending on which part of sydney, just like melb, we have the not-so-safe suburbs. but overall, yes, life here is better :)

smook said...

Sweatpea, 20 years later, your son may not connect to your siblings's children or to your own parents anymore, do you have worries about that?