Saturday, October 06, 2007

Facebook does a whole deal of goodness

Although much precious time is wasted on fighting vampires, zombies and werewolves (not that I fight much, always kena smacked down anyway!), Facebook is dear to me.

I have found so many long lost school time friends because of it. A few primary school mates, few of whom I haven't met more than twenty years! Can you believe it?! And actually caught up with one few days ago. It was just amazing. We chatted about yester years, of who is where now, and NOT surprisingly, everyone is everywhere, except Malaysia. (mostly)

Singapore, Silicon Valley, Ontario, Sydney, Brooklyn, somewhere in UK. We are at every corner of the earth. I hope to find more friends and catch up.

And for this Facebook, I love you~


Lovely Mummy said...

i have registered it but no time to explore it yet... :(

Sweetpea said...

haha, maybe good for you then. coz u sure will be spending a lot of time on it! :)

mom2ashley said...

i like it too! i found so many of my old friends online!

Sweetpea said...

mom2ashley - that's the whole idea! :)