Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good luck, good health, wish you well.

One of my colleauges at work, and a good friend of mine, is very stressed lately.

There's nothing worse than seeing family members getting unwell one after another. Her parents, herself, her son, they all have serious health issues. We were at work tonight, and halfway between her break she came to me, with her eyes all red, ready to cry, saying that she just found out that now her mother-in-law has a serious health issue too. She and her MIL doesn't quite get along well, but still, we are all human beings with feelings, and no one in his or her right mind wishes ill-intentions on another. Her husband was very upset on the phone, and she had to get home.

I really wish her well. She's taking everything so well so far, and although I know it is not easy to get through a day without worrying about everything, her spirits are high. Keep it that way, dear friend. As the old saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining. And I pray yours will shine through very soon. Just like me, she is a full time mum during the day, and work part time on some nights. But she is a greater giver than I am, as she has two very young children, a mother who is not well, and herself, she's not feeling well either, yet, she takes it all in stride.

YOU, are a true woman, a fighter, a survivor.

All my love.


laundryamah said...

bummer..s"£% happens..there s always tomorrow with hope..

Sweetpea said...

i know - one can only hope.