Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You've Got Mail

Mailboxes has taken such a huge change in designs over the years. Instead of just being a square, or a dull tin cylinder, they now come in many colours, sizes and designs, be it Federation, Classic, Contemporary or decorative, and made from different quality materials.

Unfortunately for me, my mailbox is one of the four typical cement block built as one by the roadside, as we live in a unit. It would be nice to have individual residential mailboxes, even if it means having a uniform design. Other unit owners may have their own preference, just like me, but at least it will look much better than what we have now. Just to think, if we are allowed to choose our own design, we may have four different mailboxes by the roadside, say, one a Victorian, a decorative, a contemporary and a classic, all with different colours of black, bronze, green and white. That will be so funny, and may even tell our age!

Mailboxixchange.com offers a wide variety of mailboxes ranging from single-units, post packages, commercial mailboxes, wall and post mounts, columns, mail slots, curbside decor and lots more. They can provide potential buyers with their product depth, knowledge, low prices and courteous customer service to help find the fully customized mailbox solutions.

Now, I'd better list this down as an important subject to discuss at our next body co-op meeting. Because if I join their Affiliate Program I will be paid $20.00 for signing up and if I get the other owners to make a purchase, there will be commision for me too.

*This post is brought to you by Mailboxixchange.com

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