Monday, October 15, 2007

I Am A Romantic Idiot

From the time we high school girls had a hit with Mills and Boon books, no one was without at least one in her schoolbag.

An old schoolmate of mine read through at least three books a day, on a good day. Others like me, will try every opportunity to read in class, placing it in our text books. Sounds familiar? Romance Novels had created a romantic person in me. It had a lot of influence throughout my teen dating life, comparing my dates to the fictional heroes, the rakes, the Lords, the bitter, dangerous, handsome but mysterious man.

There was a time I was dating this guy, whom my family disapproved of for some reason, and most nights I will quietly sneak out from the house to meet him at the playground in front of my home. The sense of forbidden love, the triumph of being able to see the person most important to me then, had made me realize till today, to cherish and hold what is dear to my heart. Not being able to receive large or noticeable presents, gifts like a penned handkerchief or a carved stone or wood was what I considered the most romantic and unique things I received.

So, today, although expensive gifts are a luxury, the romantic person in me will be very happy if my husband will unexpectedly bring home a stalk of flower, or a bar of chocolate. It is these little things that will keep the romance in a relationship alive.

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