Friday, October 05, 2007

No connection

Some of you must be wondering why the foog I didn't have a new post up last night.

Not because I have been THAT lazy, or THAT slack, or THAT tired, not THAT sleepy either, but the line was down! Wilkin was using the pc earlier at night and all of the sudden he couldn't surf.

I thought I'd post up some pics of the farm animals we visited yesterday, but I coudn't do anything. Being a late night owl, you would think correct that I won't be retiring early to bed. So I watched one of the long overdue movies. Dreamgirls. The movie was great. As a newcomer, I have no other words for Jennifer Hudson except, sensational.

I heard Beyonce Knowles went on the Lemon Detox for the body to-die-for in this movie. No way I can go without food for a day, let alone a week.

As for the pics, coming soon.

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